Matt Bailey
Designer & Developer

Contribution to Report on Mobile Web Design and Development Best Practice


Recently Mark and I were both excited, and flattered, to be asked to contribute to an in-depth report on mobile web design and development best practice.

My task was to write about creating and maintaining a responsive codebase. This was not only a challenge, but a great way for me to put in writing a lot of the learning and development I’ve been going through over the past couple of years. The specific areas I covered were:

  • How does a responsive codebase work?
  • What do developers need to do to create a responsive codebase that is different to non-responsive?
  • How do you maintain a responsive codebase/What is good housekeeping?
  • How do you validate the code?
  • How do you optimise to ensure it’s efficient for performance/page speed?

If you have an econsultancy subscription you can read the report in full here.