Matt Bailey
Designer & Developer

About Me

My name is Matt and I’m a frontend designer and developer. I’m currently Creative Director at GPMD.

If you would like to find out more about my educational and professional background, check out my LinkedIn profile. I also dribbble occasionally and tweet when the urge takes me.

I like clean and simple, user-centric design. I’m particularly interested in frontend processes and optimisation - If Sass, BEM, Grunt, or Critical Rendering Path mean anything to you then you’re a kindred spirit.

Outside of work I love scary movies, graphic novels, and I’m a proud Dad.

About This Site

From time-to-time I enjoy writing about things that interest me. This site is where I do that.

Here are some technical bits of information about my dev set-up and the site for those who are interested:

If you’d like to start up a conversion you can tweet me on Twitter, or email hello [at] mattbailey [dot] io.